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12 August 2011 @ 06:15 pm
[ONESHOT] Their Voices  
Title: Their Voices
Author: kyouya3 /kyouya-sama
Length: Oneshot
Pairing: JaeSu
Rating: R
Genre: Incest, Romance, Smut
Summary: Junsu loved his older brother more than just a brother and so did his brother. They're trapped in sinful love.

Their Voices

It’s complicated; I didn’t know how to explain my love life. I had never a boyfriend or a girlfriend. My life was dedicated to the music I loved so much. The blood had run through my entire family. My mother was a professional pianist and my father was well-known conductor. I and my older brother were singers; we’re idols.

Yes, he’s my only older brother, my soul mate and my love. It was weird how I could fall in love with my own brother. We’re only twelve months parted. When we’re kids, people thought we were twins but as we grew up, he started to look different. He was taller than me and had feminism look; people sometime mistook him as girl, he’s just so beautiful like an art. Meanwhile I was chubbier and cuter with duck butt and dolphin voice.

We’re so different yet I felt we’re so completed each other; we’re meant to be together. So, two years ago I told him about my feelings. Surprisingly, he accepted me and told me that he loved me too, more than a brother. In fact, he never thought of me as brothers.

“Junsu, are you okay?” his voice startled me as I woke up from my day dreaming. It had passed three o’clock and our recording would start soon. It’s our first show together.

“I’m fine, Jaejoong hyung,” I smiled to him as he caressed my hair. His touch felt so reassuring and warm, making me felt in case.

The director came in as we got ready for the show. The MC counted to five as the recording started. First, there’re basic questions; about our self, our childhood, our bond. Some fans were also there, watching us. They cheered as we showed off our close brotherhood.

Yes, brotherhood. No one supposed to know our relationship or our career would be doomed. No, our life would be ended. Our love was so wrong in the first place. Laws and society didn’t allow such a sinful love. Yet, why something so wrong felt so right?

“Junsu-sshi,” the MC called my name as I woke up from my thought; damn, I was spacing out too much,” Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I spoke with a smile as I could feel Jaejoong hyung’s worried gaze on me but I managed to play it cool till the end. Finished with the interview, I sang a duet with Jaejoong hyung. Like always, our voice melted so perfectly with each other.

The song ended; actually it’s the hit in our newest album. We bid goodbye as the recording finished. Escaping the crazy fans, we got into our van and drove away. Both of us stayed silent in the journey to our shared condo. Jaejoong hyung was too busy playing with his new i-phone as I spaced out again. Somehow I felt so tired of everything. I just wanted our love to work out somehow.

We arrived at our condo and we got out from the van. There’re some fans but we managed to get into our room safe and sound.

“Junsu ah, what do you want for dinner?” Jaejoong hyung asked as we took off our shoes.

“Anything is fine,” I answered,” I’ll be in the audio room, hyung…”

I needed to cool my head down. I rushed to the room as I closed the door. Grasping a blank paper as I sat on the table, I began to write, scratch it with the black ink. It took me almost forever till I was satisfied with the result.

I had been there for more than an hour and it passed six. I got up and stretched my body; I felt better. Walking out of the room, I used the restroom next door and then spotted hyung on the kitchen.
“Junsu, good timing, I just finished. Let’s eat together!” Jaejoong hyung smiled as I did the command. He made my favorite stew and some fish-kimchi-related stuff; I didn’t know the name but I loved the way it tasted.
“You’re the best, hyung,” I said in mouthful and stormed the food.
“Eat slowly,” Jaejoong hyung laughed as he continued,” You’re just so adorable, Junsu ah…”
I almost choked on my food but luckily I didn’t. It was so different when Jaejoong hyung was the one who praised me; I felt terribly happy till I blushed.
“There’s something on the corner of your mouth,” he spoke and I wiped my mouth,” No, not there…Aisshh, let me…”
I was so surprised when his face came closer to mine and his tongue licked the tip of my lips corner. I froze and looked at him, too shocked to move.

“Oh, come on, Su. We’ve done more than this,” he smiled devilishly as I remembered the embarrassing stuff we did on the bed the precious night. Aaarrgg! I didn’t want to think about it at all. It’s just too embarrassing! I meant, he even used some…some weird toys…
“Hyung, we’re eating…” I tried to tell him.
“So what? I can eat you right now,” he smirked as I blushed madly. How could I have such a pervert older brother? No one knew this side of him beside me; I was satisfied with it but still, he’s such a devilish older brother.
“Ummm, hyung---“ I couldn’t finish my sentence as he sealed my lips with his pink sexy lips. He savored mine with his tongue before biting my lower lips and travelled in. His tongue tasted like the stew we ate, so delicious and addicting. Then he broke the kiss.
“Junsu, I think we should change the menu for today dinner,” he whispered in seductive voice as he bit my earlobe,” We should eat each other…”
“Hyung!!!” I blushed as he smiled and kissed me again. He crawled up the table, put the food away, crawled into my lap, opened the first button of my shirt, savored my neck, and gave wet kisses on my shoulder and then chest. I could feel his hand started to unbelted my pants.
I couldn’t stay still myself. I threw his shirt on the floor as I played with his nipples; just like the way he taught me. He pressed our body together as the wooden seat shook a little.
“Come here, you,” he pulled my body up as we got up, lips still sealed on each other. He pulled my pants down on the floor along with the boxer as he began to stroke my cock slowly, driving me nuts.
“Hyung ah…ahhh…” I moaned as his tongue played with my nipple. He pushed my body as I landed on the couch. He crawled up to me as he opened the nearest drawer, getting the things out. There’s medium-sized blue-dolphin-shaped dildo, which I loved so much. Jaejoong hyung grasped it, used some lube on it, and pressed it into my hole hard. It hurt a lot, but I loved pain. One more thing you should know about ‘The Kim Brother’; I was a masochist and Jaejoong hyung was a sadist.
“Hyung…more…aahhh,” I couldn’t help but to crave for more pain. Hyung got the signal as his lips sealed mine; kissing me so deeply and his hand used the rubber robe he got from the drawer to bend around my body. It was black and cold, teasing my skin in weird ways as I could feel it got tightened with every knot hyung made. Lastly, he used a padlock to seal the robe on a handcuff he put on my wrists.
Satisfied with the bondage, he smirked as I felt so heavy; my body couldn’t move at all. Hyung got a gag ball out as he told me to open my mouth. He silenced me with it as his hot and naughty tongue started to tease my balls hungrily, his hand didn’t forget to push the dolphin dildo in and out my hole. The pain of being tighten, couldn’t do a thing was driving me nuts. Not forget to mention the teasing.
“Umm…!!!” I cried out as he began to push the dildo harder and faster, harassing my swollen hole over and over again as he continuously hit my prostate.
“Su, you’ll love this…” he suddenly stopped as he got the last thing out of the drawer. It’s a cock ring and he proudly put it on my harden cock. It wouldn’t let me release and I could feel the pain already.
“Hyuuungg…needed yoouu,” I tried my best to make my voice clear, blame the gag. Luckily, Jaejoong hyung got my signal as he dropped his pants on the floor, pulled the dildo out, spread my leg widely, and thrust in with his all strength. I jerked back as the pain attacked my whole body. It made me forgot about the fact that we’re brother; we couldn’t touch each other like normal couple, that we couldn’t do sinful things. Within the pain, those things blurred.
“Oh, Su, you should see yourself…You’re damn sexy,” hyung’s voice echoed through the room as our shameless moans followed. He shook our hips harder and faster as the couch began to shake violently. A lamp on the nearest desk fell on the floor; we ignored it.
Still in our highest level of heaven, we moaned each other name like a couple madly in love. He stroked my cock in the same pace as I wanted to cum so badly. My stomach muscle began to endure the pain as the pleasure kicked in. Suddenly, the thrust became so fast and deep as I could feel hyung was pouring inside of me. He thrust one last time before pulling out.
I could feel tears on my eyes as I could hardly breathe. I was on the peak of the pain; couldn’t free myself in order to release. Smirking, Jaejoong hyung kissed my trembling lips softly as he spoke,” Beg me to release you, Junsu ah…”
I tried my best, really my best but the words wouldn’t come out. Part of it was the gag fault; the rest was because I was too tired and weak.
“Come on, Su…I won’t release you if you don’t,” he smiled as he kissed my stomach. Then, his wet tongue touched the tip of my swollen cock. I prayed he would let me go but the other side of me didn’t want to.
“Ummm!!!” I shouted my lungs as I felt his tongue licked my cock, his mouth sucked my balls. I couldn’t bear it; this was too much. Just when I was about to give up and cry, he took the ring of and let me poured into his mouth.
I felt…so relief. I felt so good now.
“You’re sweet like always, my SuSu,” he called my nickname which only belonged to him as he let me go; pulled the gag out, loosed the robe and everything.
“Hyung…” I called him softly with my tired voice as he blinked and stared at my eyes intensely.
“What’s it my adorable, SuSu?” he smiled.
“Why did it feel…like a dream come true?” I didn’t know why I felt it like that.
“Because I just made your song into reality!” he declared proudly as I stared into the air. Oh yeah, I just wrote a perverted-kinky-sadomasochism-not-like-my-usual-pretty-and-touching-song! That’s the reason I locked myself in the audio room before!!! But how---

“Because I read it when you’re in the toilet, hehe…” Jaejoong hyung smiled as he landed a soft peck on my lips,” Don’t think too much, okay? We’ll be fine. I’ll accompany you whenever you want to do kinky and perverted stuff!”
“Hyung!!!” I shouted as he ran away. We ended up chasing each other naked all around the house till he gave up. Then, we took late bath together as we cuddled into each other’s embrace. 
It felt weird; how all my worries would just disappeared after his reassuring words. Maybe, I really loved him too much but that didn’t matter, I knew we would be just fine because our love were so strong for each other. Our voices might bring happiness to our fans but our real voices, which we hid from the whole world would remain be ours only; the voices of our moans when we’re making love.
-The End-
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almadcuervoalmadcuervo on December 17th, 2011 01:15 am (UTC)
Wow!!! that was super intense...I loved how much they love each other...thank you for sharing... <3
kyouya3: JYJ Cheerskyouya3 on December 17th, 2011 05:14 am (UTC)
actully, this's my 1st JaeSu oneshot ever, lol, thx for reading^^