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10 February 2010 @ 05:53 pm
Ready, set? Don't Go  
Title: ‘Ready, set? Don’t go.’
Author: shycapri8
Length: oneshot (?)
Pairing(s): Jaesu ( a lil bit of Jaejoong centric, even though it might seem like it’s focused around Junsu)
Genre: light angst, psychological (?) I have no idea :/
Rating: g-pg
Summary: Birds are precious in their own way. They come in different varieties and all with a story behind each one. Would you treasure your own bird; have it under lock and key so they would never leave home? Or would you set them free, with the chance of them never returning, but with the slightest hope of them doing so? Going through strife, dealing with a disintegrating relationship, one must have the urge to set him/herself free, but unintentionally not knowing they have done so already, through the smallest action turned into a mistake.
So in short: Jaejoong always had taken a great interest in birds and had always wanted to know what it felt like to fly. Somehow along the way, he had met Junsu, a person who wanted to be the wind beneath Jaejoong’s wings; never once considering he himself had wings as well. Until the accident. Now Junsu finds himself in a cage with Jaejoong holding onto the key; keeping close hawk like eyes on him, not willing to let him go. With now broken wings, will they ever be able to take flight? Will there relationship ever be able to pick up on the wind once lost? Or will one of them finally be set free?
A/N: um..things written in this story are meant to be taken metaphorically… but, I apologize in advance for any confusion caused while reading this. This is my first time (I think idk) writing something like this. I also apologize for the lame summary. Summaries aren’t really my thing. Neither is vocabulary…(so excuse my lack of word usage) :/ yeah… I wouldn’t blame you if you are already confused. This is like the first time I’m writing in like over a year…been on semi-permi writers block..haha way to start 2010…uh try to enjoy? -_-
Oh and one more thing: the bird(s) in specific are never mentioned. I did that on purpose.
Okay no, wait, and another thing: the time is periodically going back and forth from past to present.
Disclaimer: Why own them? they need to be set free..
Warning: excuse the spelling and grammar. and uh...this just came off the top of my head -_- my writing scukx

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