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06 January 2010 @ 10:32 am
[FanFic] ღ … A Triangle Darkness Love…ღ (chapter4)  

Title: ღ … A Triangle Darkness Love…ღ
Pairing: yoosu/yunjae/kimin/ jaesu?!! 
Author: SweetSpring
Rating: PG-13, NC-17
Length: 4/?
Genre: drama, vampires, werewolves,romantic,angst
Warning/s: Yaoi, boyxboy
Summary: yoosu: need to protect him all because of a dream when he just fall in love for him. yunjae: so in love with his prince while he's playing around with all girls and guys. kimin: a forbidden love.

Chapter 4: ღ New Kid ღ

Chap3:ღ The Strang Dream ღ
Chap2:ღ His Highness ღ
Chap1:ღ My Rose... ღ