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17 March 2010 @ 08:12 pm
red cheek [1/1]  
title: red cheek
pairing: jaejoong & junsu; yoochun & junsu
other characters: yunho, changmin
genre: drama; sad
rating: pg
length: flashfic; 559 words
summary: jaejoong asks junsu the question.  junsu breaks the news to yoochun.  jaejoong awaits junsu from behind a door.  (uhh...yeah. *facepalm*)
warnings: unbetaed

a/n:  another oldie that i don't think i ever posted (did i? i don't remember...).  a little jaesu and a lot broken!yoosu.  D:

read here @ myplusultra

ps. sorry for spamming all the jaesu comms D:
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